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The Hard Worker

You spent countless of hours attending lectures and taking down notes from your own perspective. You then work your way through the textbook at home and write MORE notes.

What do you do with your notes at the completion of your course?
Throw them away?

Passive Income

Instead of throwing away your old notes, essays, thesis and assignments, upload them on Educitizen. Set your own price. You will be paid indefinitely whenever someone places an order for your hard work.

Earning that passive income pressed on by Economists and the Media has never been easier.

The Smart Worker

Unlike Mr(s) Hard Worker there, you missed a few lectures or need extra insight on a particular topic. But how would you come in contact with Mr(s) Hard Worker? That's where Educitizen comes in.

A modern day matchmaking service - for aspiring academics that is.

Avoid Resits

Study notes, essays, thesis and assignments written by trusted students from your institution and quickly learn the essentials.

No matter how close you were to that deadline or exam, you are now armed with the resources from that smart kid in your class!

Our Happy Supporters!

Now you don't have to text your juniors, to ask if they want to buy your study materials (Gosh, the awkwardness). You can just upload them to Educitizen!!!
Aqilah Zakirah
Educitizen helps a lot if you are someone looking for a place to sell off the textbooks that you are not using anymore, or earn that side income by selling your own notes!
Charlotte Lee
A great way to earn in the Pandemic!! If you're looking towards selling your old textbooks and notebooks (even handwritten notes), do head over to Educitizen.
Joanna Joseph
CEO of Live To Inspire

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