10 Useful AND Aesthetic Notion Templates to Boost Productivity!

If you haven’t heard about Notion, you’re in luck! It is an app that can be used for all sorts of organizational purposes. It’s got a minimal yet classic aesthetic, it’s easy to use, and has a variety of functions that can help in your day to day life. If you don’t know the app, this will be a good article to get a sense of what the Notion templates you can create to put the app to good use, and if you DO know the app then this might expand your knowledge and show you other ways you can use it! If you’re still wondering what else you can do to boost your productivity, make sure you check out these quizzes on Study Apps and Time-Management Techniques.


A key part of studying and learning is being organized: taking notes, planning your workweek & knowing deadlines. Here are 3 helpful templates for doing just that:


I learned about this system when I was in year 8. Whether or not you use it, this may be a cool new way to help you organize your notes. The template has two columns for questions & the other for bullet points with specific notes. 


This is a perfect template for meetings or lectures. A simple organizational template where you can add a title, write in your notes and categorize your meetings/subjects. You can see them in a straightforward list or have them side by side! 


This is the template that I use the MOST on Notion. I can organize work by exams, assignments, tasks, etc. I can make lists and check off the work I’ve completed.  I can organize by subject. AND, most importantly to me, you can view it all in a calendar to see upcoming deadlines in a more visual way. I’ll show you what mine looks like!

Here’s where I can tick off tasks:

I can organize it by type such as due date:

And lastly, here’s what the calendar looks like. This was SO helpful when I had online classes because there wasn’t a specific schedule I was given to follow, so by organizing everything on the calendar I knew what work had to be done for the day AND it really minimized how much I procrastinated as seeing everything laid out together made me realize – if I don’t do it today, tomorrow will just be HECTIC. 


Whether you’re currently a university student or not, we all get to a point in our lives where we have to grow up a little bit. After leaving high school lots of people are flatting with friends, making resumes, and keeping track of their finances for the first time. It can be pretty daunting so there are lots of ways Notion can help organize all that!


Here you can keep all your skills and experience all in one place and it’s easy to edit whenever you make a change. 

Not only that, you can easily share this page with anyone else who is interested in hiring you! 


Now this one I need to start using ASAP. With all our classes and studying, it’s sometimes hard to also do other important things like exercise, self-care, and getting enough sleep. This little template is a cross between a calendar and a to-do list. You write down all the good habits you want to get into, and cross them off when you do them each day! Ticking a little check box always makes me feel productive 🙂


I know lots of friends who have just started flatting for the first time. Whether you’re living with one other person or six people, this will definitely help organize important stuff like rent, who’s cooking & and little bits of information everyone should know! Pretty nifty, right?


Notion isn’t just helpful for our ~ learning life ~ but is a great tool for more “fun” things too! 
For example there’s a template for JOURNALING and MOOD BOARDS to help you express your feelings in a creative way. 




This is my favourite little personal template. Before I used Notion I loved making lists, and THIS makes them look even better. There are great templates for keeping track of the movies you want to watch, books you want to read & just general task lists ALL in a pretty aesthetic way 🙂


With 3 different categories you can move all your little tasks into “to do”, “doing”, and “done”


Just paste the link to a trailer and a picture for the movie will pop right up! And you can move the block from “Want to Watch” and “Watched” ! Same goes for the book list 🙂 They’re both super cute in my opinion. (and you get a sneak peak into my movie/book taste ;))

And there you have it! Our top 10 templates to help you organize your lives using the powerful and nifty app Notion. I hope everyone learned something from this article, and if reading this hasn’t already made you want to check the app out you haven’t already, then we’ll be back with 10 MORE excellent templates for you to explore. Feel free to drop a comment telling us what your favourite templates are, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up helping out a fellow student! Happy Organising!

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