Our Story

With the advent of the Global Pandemic, many jobs have been lost and the global household income has drastically decreased. The Fresh Graduates of 2019 – 2020 have had a hard time to secure a well paying job and many have resorted to taking whatever offer that comes their way just to make ends meet. On top of that, prices of household necessities, such as groceries, have also increased, increasing the financial burden of families.

Being deeply affected by the ongoing course of events, our Founder wanted to play however small a part in helping individuals, especially students and graduates earn Passive Income. The means to earning the Passive Income should not be too difficult either. It should be easy enough to earn money, that a 3-Year Old Child could do it.

In course of our research, we found that the best AND easiest way for students or graduates to make Constant Streams of Money was by selling their old notes and textbooks that they would have otherwise thrown away.

We also found that the one of the best ways to induce higher rates of effective learning in students is through peer learning. Our peers are exposed to the same knowledge around the same time as we are. Therefore, as opposed to an expert teacher on the field who has years of experience in the course, we understand difficult topics much better when explained by a peer with roughly the same amount of knowledge on the course as we do. 

After Months of Research & Pre-Testing,  Project Educitizen Was Finally Launched On The 22nd of November 2020.

Our Aims


To Provide Passive Income Stream

Educitizen provides a platform that facilitates the Sale & Purchase of Study Materials including Study Notes, Individual Assignments, Research Articles, Thesis, Problem Solutions, Textbook Summaries, and Textbooks. Navigate to the Sell | Buy Menu to start selling your Study Materials on Educitizen and watch the passive income roll in over time!


To Increase Academic Productivity

Peer learning has been proven to boost effective learning at a much higher rate than other forms of learning such as individual learning on in-class learning. Navigate to the Sell | Buy Menu to start preparing for your exams or assignments in a smart way!

Why Choose Educitizen?

Smarter Studying

Save the precious hours spent preparing study notes for exams and deadlines, and instead, study smarter by purchasing notes from your peers, focussing on areas specific to your current course.

Now you can finally get a copy of the notes from the smartest kid in class without having to approach them directly.

Low Commissions

It costs you absolutely nothing to upload your Notes and Textbooks to Educitizen's platform. Once a sale has been made, you retain 75% of the selling price!

This is an utter steal when compared to other note selling platforms which charge a membership fee, as well as a commission from an upward of 30%.

Quick Earnings

Selling your Notes and Textbooks through Educitizen ensures a wide reach to the desired market with higher rates of success.

No more forwarding of "Please buy my books!" messages. We know that does not lead to fruition.

Highly Secure

Educitizen is SSL encrypted. This safeguards any sensitive data that is transferred between two systems. To view the certification details, please click on the icon above and follow the steps listed.

Additionally, Educitizen is backed by Wordfence Security. Armed with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses, it has everything needed to keep the website safe. Rounded out by 2FA and a suite of additional features, Wordfence is the most comprehensive security solution available.