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We know it is extremely hard to apply some of the tips you read online to your life when it comes to dealing with any kind of stress. Academic stress in particular can take a serious toll on one’s health. The weight of your family’s expectations and dreams rests on your shoulders, or even, your expectations for yourself if that is the case. Before we dive into how we can deal with academic stress, what do you know about the topic in question?

Among other things, academic stress can arise from factors such as high expectations or lack of support from family, too much workload (this includes external activities such as running errands) and lack of social integration due to Covid-19. However, we do not often think about how our self expectations and stubbornness to take a break can affect our physical health and mental state of mind.

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How can we deal with Academic Stress?

1. Exercise

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We know you have probably seen this a lot but trust us, exercising really does help! Now, we are not asking you to get a gym membership that you would probably only use once a year…instead, let’s start small. Simple stretching or a jog around the park works! You could even meet a couple of friends and have a badminton match (or whatever sport you are interested in).

2. Plan Your Time Wisely

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Have you got a lot going on in your life right now? If you do, it is extremely important that you plan your time accordingly to the tasks assigned for you. Rate your tasks on a scale of importance and when it is due. Then, allocate a fixed time for you to work on or complete it. I know it is easy to get distracted sometimes, but this is something you MUST have the right discipline for.

3. Breathing Exercise

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Breathing exercises are great for when you feel absolutely lost mid task. Take a deep inhale and exhale out the negativity slowly. Repeat this process as long as you need to, and see how you feel! You can even switch it up by inhaling through one nostril and exhaling out through the other!

4. Take A Break

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Sometimes, it is better to take a break and gather your thoughts than rush through something and potentially not produce a good piece of work. Taking a break is crucial especially when you have “writer’s block” or any sort of “block” in your mind. This is a perfect chance to get out of your study space and be in a completely different environment to refresh your body and mind.

5. Self care

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I am pretty sure you have heard of these two quotes: “You are what you eat” and “Treat your body like a temple”. Taking the necessary steps to look after your body like eating healthy can be extremely beneficial to yourself physically and mentally. Self-care ranges from a number of activities that allow you to feel great about yourself. Spending time on your hobbies like reading or planting plants, are a great way to feel great!

6. Be Assertive

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It can be hard to say “NO” to your seniors or managers, however, when you have too much on your plate, taking on extra assignments or tasks will just add on pressure. You have to try and be assertive especially when you are not in the capacity to take on more than you can. We want to avoid producing work at 50% capacity rather than at 100%.

7. Avoid Isolating Yourself

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This one is really hard especially during these uncertain times of pandemic. Regulations and restrictions may prevent you from meeting people depending on where you live, however, technology has made it easier for us to communicate with people virtually. Try to video call your family or friends whenever you are feeling a little burnt out. Speaking to them and listening to their motivational talks can help you refocus your energy into your tasks.

8. Seeking Help

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Identifying that you have a problem within yourself and seeking help when required can be the best decision you can make for yourself. We often try to be “heroes” and think we can overcome anything and everything on our own and this is what causes us to fall down the ladder that we have fought so hard to climb. Why waste all your efforts when you can let someone help you grow?

Always remember, nothing comes before your health. How do you expect to look after someone or be responsible for something, when you cannot even look after yourself. Give yourself a break every now and then and reach out for support when you need to. You are NOT alone.

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