Chemistry In Context 6th Edition (Graham Hill & John Holman)

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This is a Foundation level (pre-University) Chemistry textbook written by Graham Hill and John Holman. Contact me via whatsapp for enquiry

Below are the contents (28 chapters):

  1. Atom, molecules and equations
  2. Atomic and electric structure
  3. Chemical bonding and intermolecular forces
  4. States of matter
  5. Chemical energetics
  6. Redox
  7. Equilibria
  8. Rates of reaction
  9. The periodic table and periodicity
  10. Group II – the alkaline-earth metals
  11. Group VII – the halogens
  12. From nitrogen and sulfur to ammonia and sulfuric acid
  13. Introduction to organic chemistry
  14. Alkanes
  15. Alkenes
  16. Organic halogen compounds
  17. Alcohols
  18. Carbonyl compounds
  19. Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
  20. Electrochemistry
  21. Ionic equilibria in aqueous solutions
  22. Reaction kinetics
  23. Group IV – Carbon to lead, non-metal to metal
  24. The transition elements
  25. Aromatic hydrocarbons and phenol
  26. Organic nitrogen compounds
  27. Polymers
  28. Proteins and DNA

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