Daily Quizzes

Quiz: Which School Kdrama Character Are You?

Are you a big Kdrama fan and you are always up-to-date with the latest dramas?  If you said yes, then which kdrama character would you want to be? Let’s find out together in this fun quiz!

Quiz To Test Your Brain Power

Do you think your brainpower is SUPERB and that you are unstoppable? Give this quiz a go and we’ll be the judge of that!

Quiz: Which Money Heist Character Are You?

This quiz will determine which Money Heist (Le Casa de Papel) character you’re most like. Are you Professor? Berlin? Tokyo? Take this quiz to find out!

Quiz: What University Should You Go To?

Trying to figure out what university you should go to? You’re probably asking yourself, “What university is right for me?”. Choosing a university can be overwhelming. Take this quiz to find the university that’s the right fit for your personality.

Test Your Historical Knowledge With This Quiz

Looking for a way to test all those random historical facts in your head? Look no further. Here are ten questions to test how good you are at History.

Quiz: Which World Leader Are You?

If you were to be a world leader, who do you think they would compare you to? Will you be the king, president or prime minister? This quiz will let you find out which world leader most suits you!

Quiz: What Should I Study In University?

Hey, future collegiates! It’s almost time to head off to the next chapter of your life — university. With that comes, the ultimate headache… What should I study? Have no fear, the quiz is here to help you figure it out!

Math Riddles To Tease Your Brain

It’s time for another riddles quiz! This time it’s numbers themed and, we are pumped. Let’s go!

Take This Quiz To Discover What Career You Were Born To Have?

Have you ever thought about your dream career path in the future? Take this quiz to see what career you could pursue!

#6 Can You Solve These Riddles?

Have time to spare? If it’s a YES, then get your thinking cap ready and solve these riddles! Now go ahead, roll up your sleeves and challenge yourself!

Which STEM Nonfiction Book Is For You To Read Next?

Calling all science geeks! Are you passionate about the inner workings of the everything ranging from the universe to a bacterial cell? Here’s the perfect quiz to discover your next great STEM non-fiction read! 

Quiz: Find The Right Humour Book For You To Read

Do you love making other people laugh at your jokes? If you said YES, then this quiz is perfect for you because we have some humour book recommendations!

This Quiz Will Get You A Perfect Literature Book Recommendation

Here’s another one for you bookworms out there! Even if you’re not the biggest reader out there this quiz will give you a great piece of Literature that you have to at least give a go!

Which Crime/Thriller Read Should You Pick Up Next?

Do you smell something really exciting coming up next? This time it’s book recommendations on crime thrillers! It’s time to put on your detective hat and take this quiz to find out what other crime solving books we have in store for you!

What Should Be Your Next Sci-Fi Read?

It’s time for more book recommendations for y’all! This time we’ll look into sci-fi books because who doesn’t love a good time travelling story? Now sit back and get ready for an adventure through this quiz!

#5 Take A Break With Some Riddles!

Do you think you can SMASH another round of riddles? Well, go ahead and use your EPIC brain power and solve them all!

What Kind of Learner Are You?

Every student has their style of studying or gathering knowledge. You may be a visual learner, kinesthetic learner, auditory learner or even a mixture of different kinds. If you are unsure, you should find out by doing this quiz and see what works best for you.

Find Out Which Classic Book Should You Read

Have you been in a reading slump lately? Maybe you want to dig into some classic literature but don’t know where to start! Well, here’s a quiz to help you figure out which classic book you should read next!

Quiz: What should you NOT do when studying? Procrastination at its best!

We need the motivation to push us to achieve our goals. However, once we do have the mood to study, most of the time there might be distractions and that’s when procrastination happens. This quiz will let you know what are the things you should NOT do when studying!

#4 Riddles That Will Tease Your Brain!

More riddles for you to tease your brain power! You can easily solve these if you did well for the past few quizzes. Good luck!

Quiz: What Quick, Easy & Healthy Meal Is Best For You? BUSY College Student Edition

Every day it’s the same question — “What do I wanna eat for breakfast / lunch / dinner?”. Don’t fret as we’ve got you covered! Answer these questions and we’ll give you an easy-to-prep college meal!

Which MUN/debate club stereotypes do you fit?

Being a part of MUN or a debate club can be exciting and fun, but it comes with many research and analytical thinking. You find some participants very similar or different from you in such events, so here is a quiz to discover which stereotype you fit!

Your Current Learning Style Might Not Be That Effective For Your Personality Type!

When it comes to absorbing new knowledge, everyone’s style is different. Find out what would work best for you depending on whether you’re an INFP, ENTJ, or another totally different type of personality!

#3 Test Your Ability To Think With These Riddles

Can’t get enough of riddles? Try these ones on for size to test your ability to think!

Are You Left or Right Brain Dominant?

Want to know which side of your brain, left or right, is more dominant? Take this test to discover if you are left-brained or right-brained.

Take This Business Book Recommendations Quiz To Find Your Next Read

Do you want to start your own business? Looking for inspiration? Take this quiz to find out which book is best suited for you.

#2 Can You Solve These Riddles?

Did you smash the last set of riddles we gave you? Because the challenge isn’t over yet! See if you can give THESE a shot!

This Quiz Will Help You Discover Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

It’s time to explore the Sherlock Holmes hidden inside of you. Get ready to solve the quizzes and challenge your logical reasoning!

#1 Fun Riddles That Will Stretch Your Brain

We present to you some super fun brain teaser to stretch your minds! Try yourself and see how many rights you can get without Google it!

Which Smiggle Stationery Are You? Warning: MAJOR Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane with our Smiggle quiz!

Studying all day? Let us give you a de-stress drink.

Hot cocoa doesn’t help with grades but it does help with ✨ stress ✨

Which Of These Hogwarts Student Main Characters Are You? | Salazar Slytherin

For the ambitious, cunning, and resourceful ones

Which Of These Hogwarts Student Main Characters Are You? | Helga Hufflepuff

 For the hard workers with immense patience, justice, and loyalty

Which 2000’s High-School Movie Do You Personify?

Those cliche High school movies always have been and always will be a movie-watching staple

Love collecting stationery? We’ll give you Your ideal Typo haul

Name a more aesthetic stationery brand than Typo

It’s Time For The Self-Help Motivational Books Recommendation

We always need a little pick-me up every now and then

Enjoy Heart-wrenching Books Based Around Wars? We Have Your Next Pick!

Remind us to never be inimical towards you

Think You know enough about South-East Asian Laws?

If you score high enough on this trivia, you get some serious bragging rights to show to people that you’re ~ cultured ~

Tired of scribbling useless notes in class? Help’s here!

How exactly does one determine their dominant note-taking style?

Love War Dramas? We Have Your Next Pick of Movies

We could watch the Boy in The Striped Pyjamas over and over again.

Think You Know Everything About Dinosaurs? Think Again!

The entrance exams for Jurassic World rangers

Fancy yourself a fan of the Bard? Find out who you’d be in one of Shakespeare’s plays

O Romeo, Romeo, whErefOre aRt tHou roMEo?

Which Of These Hogwarts Characters Are You? | Rowena Ravenclaw

For the intelligent, witty, and full-of-wisdom individuals out there.

Which YA / LGBTQ+ book should You read next?

How about a YA novel exploring what it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ community? 

Fond of literature? Discover your next Non-Fiction read!

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a cup of warm tea and reading a book.

Evolution vs. Creationism. Which side does Your personality belong to?

 Are you one of Darwin’s supporters or are you a little bit skeptical? 

Which South-East Asian Beach Are You?

Might as well pretend to be a beach if you can’t go to a beach.

If You Pass This Trivia on Queen’s Gambit, You Will Be Crowned As The True Grandmaster

How true of a Queen Gambit’s Fan are you?

Which Study App Should You Use To Pass Your Exams?

Overwhelmed because there are many amazing study tools to choose from? Here’s your personalised recommendation.

The Ultimate Biographical Book Recommendation Quiz!

Struggling to find the perfect inspirational book on individuals who rose through many difficulties in life? Look no further.

Are You Good At Differentiating Colours?

Can you tell the difference between White and Off-White?

The Ultimate Poetry Recommendation Quiz

Whether you are feeling up or down, reading a beautiful piece and often relating that to yourself can be an incredible feeling. 

Which South-East Asian stereotype are You? ABG, Ah Beng, Nerd, Boss or Chill-Pill?

Whether you live on planet Earth or in a different galaxy, there will always be people more than happy to use stereotypes towards certain groups of people.

Finished Rewatching Grey’s Anatomy for the 3rd Time? Perhaps It’s Time For A Change

Medical TV shows are unique because they manage to seamlessly blend scientific terms like “myocardial infarction” with the vulnerabilities that come with being human. 

Too edgy for Dark vs. Light Academia? Take this quiz to find out your alternate aesthetic

Did you know there are Fairy Academias and Witchy Academias out there?

Which Of These Hogwarts Student Main Characters Are You? | Godric Gryffindor

For the brave, courageous, up-to-no-good individuals out there

Which Forbes billionaire are you most like?

Are you a Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison or Bernard Arnault?

Are You A True Fan Of Modern Family?

Please make Lily proud. Fear her insults.

Are You The Ultimate Detective (Human) / Genius?

Deep down, we all spiritually relate to Amy Santiago and her love for binders.

Which K-Pop Idol Is Your Classmate?

Do you stand a chance of becoming a classmate (or junior – major uWu) of either Hope (BTS), G-Dragon (Big Bang), 2PM’s Taecyeon, or Sojin (Girl’s Day) from Yeungnam University?

Bored In The House And In The House Bored? Why Not Pick Up A Fun Hobby

The pre-Covid era was filled with unlimited travel destinations without boundaries or restrictions. What can you do in the lockdown now?

Are You Street-Smart or Book-Smart?

Whether it’s from flunking a math test, completely mispronouncing a word, or not keeping up with some piece of news in pop culture, I’m sure that you’ve felt a little… less-smart before.

If you can identify even 7/10 questions on Academic Figures right, you are a Genius.

How many of these wacky, upsetting, and mildly awful facts can you guess about some of these great minds!

Can You Pass This “Malaysian Law” Edition Of Two Truths and a Lie Without Cheating?

Think you know about Malaysian laws better than the average citizen? 

You Are Not A True Malaysian If You Don’t Know These Famous Malaysian Attractions (Hard)

Show off your knowledge of Malay culture and its rich history. No Cheating!

Which Biographical Film should You watch tonight?

Get disappointed no more after endless hours of scrolling on Netflix for that perfect biopic to watch.

caution, computer, desk

Business Geeks, this one’s for you: Best Non-Fiction Reads by Personality

Everyone needs to start somewhere small and work their way towards their goals, so why not give it a shot and begin chasing those dreams?

No Luck with the Pomodoro Method? Maybe it’s just not for You

Having a tough time to shoo your toxic procrastination away? Jumpstart your productive side by finding a Time Management Technique tailored to your nature.

Your True Study Room Aesthetics may not be what you Expected

Perhaps you live by the motto “less is more” and prefer a more minimalistic aesthetic. On the flip side, perhaps you love hoard—um, collecting—quirky objects in which case, a vintage aesthetic best suits you.

Do you give off a Dark Academia or a Light Academia vibe? Or perhaps you’re a Chaotic Academic? Take this quiz to find out

Maybe you’re the perfect embodiment of dark academia, or maybe you’re on the completely opposite end of the spectrum with light academia – OR maybe, you’re a totally unexpected type!

Find your Perfect Work Jam by answering these 5 Questions

Turns out “lo-fi Hip-Hop girl” by ChilledCow isn’t the only famous focus jam. Who knew?