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It's revision season again and we know how stressful it can get. Don't worry because we are here to help YOU! We have some resources that can guide you in acing your SPM this year in a less stressful way!

We are sure these resources will be a BIG help to you!

Don’t panic and take a deep breath…

10. Faiz Yah (YouTube)

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Faiz shared on how he scored 9A+ in his SPM through an FB live session

Faiz Yah is a Malaysian YouTuber that is currently studying for a degree in Engineering in Shanghai, China (wow the boy has big dreams)! He uploads videos on how to score for SPM subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and History. There is also a video where he answered all the questions his viewers had about SPM here. In one of his videos, he even shared how he passed the MARA scholarship interview (that’s a very tough competition)! Overall, Faiz is one inspiring and hardworking boy!

All the SPM tips he shared can be found in this playlist here.

9. Fayefilms (YouTube)

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Score BM with tips from Faye

Faye is a Malaysian YouTuber who started her channel in July 2020. She uploads videos about academics, study tips, productivity, and sometimes art. In her videos about academics, she shared tips on how to score an A+ for English essay, BM, Sejarah, and all science subjects. That is really good advice coming from a student who scored 12As in her SPM (hard work does pay off)! There are also videos where she shared tips on how to memorize information better, take notes fast and more effectively, and how to stay motivated during this lockdown. She has an academic playlist that you can find here.

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for students who don’t have motivation to study during lockdown

Need some motivation during this lockdown? You can find some here.

8. Nota Ulangkaji SPM Terbaik (available on Google playstore, Windows PC and Mac)

Study notes for SPM

The application “Nota Ulangkaji SPM Terbaik” offers 10 subjects including Perdagangan, Moral, Economy, and the Arab language. Now that is quite impressive since these subjects are not commonly offered in other study apps or websites. Students who are taking these subjects can share them with their friends and score the subject together!

The important points are highlighted for each subjects’ chapter so that students can get a better grasp on which chapter to focus on more.

There is also a SPM question bank application that students can download and refer to similar questions that might come out in the SPM.

SPM Question bank

Lastly, the study app even offers free study music that students can listen to during study sessions. Isn’t that like killing two birds with one stone? Students can focus on their studies while trying not to stress too much.

Study music available on the app

7. Learning With Shirley (YouTube)

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Teacher Shirley shares about how to score Add Maths

Teacher Shirley is a full-time teacher that has been in the education field for 21 years. She is a principal at her own tuition center in Petaling Jaya which was founded in 2008. Not only that, but she is also a speaker at school seminars, a coach for workshops, and an expert in the following subjects (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science and Bahasa Melayu for UPSR, PT3, SPM & IGCSE O Level).

On her YouTube channel, she uploads videos every Friday at 4pm where she discusses SPM trial papers, tips for certain subjects and explains more in-depth for certain subjects (Add Maths and Maths). There is also a video about scoring Bahasa Melayu here.

6. BijakSPM

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FREE SPM question papers

BijakSPM is a platform that offers SPM students FREE weekly question papers offered by experienced teachers at University of Cyberjaya. Students need to create an account to download the free question papers from the website. There are also answering guides that can help improve the students’ answering technique so that they get a better grasp on how to answer the question better. The question papers include multiple-choice questions as well as structured and essay questions.

There are 9 subjects available on the website such as Bahasa Melayu, History, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Maths, Physics, Add Maths and Accounting. That’s quite a lot of subjects covered!

5. SPMflix.com

Yes, you read that correctly! Instead of Netflix, it’s SPMflix, a website that helps you study for SPM. Students need to register and make an account first before using the website. Everything on the website is FREE with no charges whatsoever! On the website, students can reach out to teachers for help (weekly TanyaCikgu e-Tuition, watch videos on certain subjects, download SPM e-books (short-notes and frequently tested questions) and attend annual SPM seminars by amazing teachers! There is also a Telegram group named ‘SPMFlix Daily Tips‘ where students can join!

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Now that sounds like a very good platform for students preparing for SPM. With SPMflix, students can study anywhere using their laptop, notebook, or smartphone. Basically, it is a study on-the-go app!

4. Allyna Wong (YouTube)

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SPM Sejarah study tips

Allyna Wong is a Malaysian lifestyle YouTuber that started uploading daily videos ever since 2015. I’m sure most of you might be familiar with her. She has done a fair share of videos on how she scored well in her SPM. In the videos, she shared tips on how to prepare and study for subjects such as Sejarah and English. On her channel, she created a playlist that can be found here.

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Better note-taking & last minute note-taking tips !

There are also videos on time management and what you should do after SPM. Watching her videos will make you feel more motivated to ace your SPM and you will know that you are not alone in this!

3. Afterschool.my

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Afterschool.my is a website that helps SPM students before and after sitting for the exams. The website is providing a FREE revision guide for this year’s SPM, thanks to the team at Afterschool who gathered teachers with more than 20 years of experience in the education field. The teachers came out with spot questions that might come out in the SPM. All the questions are compiled in an e-book, so that students don’t need to refer to a ton of other books. It’s available for download here.

2. ProAcademy SPM (available on Apple store and Google playstore)

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Launched since 2008
15 subjects available

ProAcademy SPM is an application that I personally used back when I sat for my SPM. As of today, there are study notes available for 15 subjects and they are all FREE! Students don’t have to pay for anything. There is also news and updates on what’s happening in the education sector in Malaysia.

On ProAcademy SPM, students can refer to all the questions from past exams starting from 2008! There’s even a suggested answer to each question! We find it very helpful as students can answer the questions first before referring to that as a guide. Feel free to follow them on their Facebook too.

1. JomStudy app (available on Apple store and Google playstore)

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JomStudy application

Behold an SPM study guide app created by a 20-year-old guy named Yong Xun. He decided to create an app that has study notes for 16 subjects (now 22) after he had to deal with heavy textbooks during his SPM time.

“My intention is simple. As all I want is to let the students know this app exists so they can make good use of the app, and thus experience something that I wished I had when I sat for my SPM.”

– Yong Xun
General and science subjects on the JomStudy app
E-books on JomStudy

Now that is really amazing considering that he launched the app after he finished his Form 6. It took him 6 months to complete the app without any coding experience (impressive)! Students have to register on the app before using it. There are also study notes for Pendidikan Islam and Chinese language studies. It’s not common to find study notes for these two subjects and ALL the notes are written and organized by Yong Xun (that requires a lot of time and effort)! He even included study tips that could help students remember information better. Other than study notes, videos and quizzes by chapters will also be added in the future.

However, keep in mind that the notes are short so you have to study with revision books too. Feel free to follow them on Instagram @jomstudyapp!

Hopefully, these study applications and YouTube channels will help you score your SPM this year! Remember that you just have to do your best and don’t stress so much because we believe that you can ace it after so many months of preparation. Carefully read through every question and answer the easier questions first. The harder questions can be done after you answered the easier ones. The most important tip is to remain calm. All the best in the upcoming exams!

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