Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Upon reaching the site, which is educitizen.net, click on start selling.

  2. This will redirect you to the registration page. Type in your email address, a password, and click on “I am a vendor”. Fill the required forms and click register.
  3. You will then receive an option to set your account details by our friendly set-up wizard.
  4. After setting the details of your store, you will be redirected to the vendor dashboard. This is where all trade relating to the products that you have published are presented as statistical analysis.



  1. Go to the products tab of your dashboard.
  2. Click on the featured image and upload a picture or a video from your gallery or from the camera.
  3. Click set feature image when done. You could also add more pictures to the gallery.
  4. Add a title for your product.
  5. Add a price. Quick tip. Set the price limit to what you would buy this particular book at. 
  6. For category, choose the Institution to which the product you are selling is affiliated with.
  7. For tags, add the appropriate tags for your product. There should always be two tags (Hard or Soft Copy | Textbook or Study Notes).
  8. Once you are happy with your listing, click on add product. 
  9. Go through your product description and amend where necessary. 
  10. If you wish to add personal remarks to your customers, you may do so under purchase notes.
  11. Click save product, and you are officially done for the day!
  12. Once the product has been approved by the admin, you will receive an email stating that your product is now live.
  1. If your study notes are soft copies, please tick the “Downloadable” option when adding/appending the product details.
  2. Then, scroll down to the “Downloadable Options” Box and upload the relevant document.
  3. This will allow your notes to be immediately available for buyers upon purchase.
  1. When adding the details for a new product, please write down the dimensions of your product in the form of Length x Width x Height (cm) as well as the weight of the product in terms of kg.
  2. Please write this down in the Detailed Description Box.
  1. Once an order has been placed, an attachment of an AWB will be sent to your email. 
  2. You will be required to print this document in half the size of an A4 paper.
  3. Fold the paper in half to display the print only, and not the blank side.
  4. Get your parcel packaging ready and place the paper inside the transparent pocket of your flyer and you are good to go.
  5. You may refer to the link here (A4 Air Waybill) for further help in this matter.
  6. The eco-friendly flyers can be purchased here.
  7. If however, you prefer sending the parcel with your own packaging, please make sure that your parcel is wrapped well and is not transparent. 
  8. For this packaging method, be sure to add a cover for the AWB using plastic wraps where suitable to avoid damage to the tracking document.
  1. Users with a blue tick next to their Username and Profile name are verified by Educitizen to be current students, alumni’s or lecturers of the Educity Institutions.
  2. To be a verified user, you would have to send an email to [email protected], including an attachment (.png | .jpeg | .jpg | .pdf) of your Student ID or any relevant Institutional ID’s for Lecturers.
  3. Only upon approval by Educitizen through email, will you be awarded the verified tick.