How You Can Make Anywhere Up To $1,000,000 in 3 Years From 10 Promising Side Hustles In College

Are you a student in need of quick money for daily expenses or just want to be more independent? Spare 5 minutes of your time for this article to know how you can earn some income during these tough times.

Includes “How To” guides as well as a “Pro & Cons” list.

All of us are aware that this global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has turned everyone’s lives upside down. Many have lost their jobs and have to do odd jobs to make ends meet. As a student, we would normally look for ways to earn income but due to the pandemic, health professionals have advised us to stay at home and stay safe. However, that doesn’t mean we students have to sit at home and do nothing! Interested to know how you can earn money for daily expenses? Well, keep reading this article to find out more!  

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An example of a way you CANNOT earn money.
Type of JobEstimated Earnings (3 Years)Level of Difficulty
Online Coaching$22,3905
Online Surveys$12,7405
Sell on EduCitizen$2,5003
Sell Pre-loved Clothes (Depop)$150,0003
Share Content ($4,0323
Flip Domain Names (GoDaddy)$6,000 5
Airbnb Online Experiences $900,0005
Drop Ship (Taobao)$12,7404
Freelancing (Writer)$115,0005
Affiliate Marketer$65,8004
TOTAL$1,291,2024.2 (average)
Our list of 10 easy side hustles that you can do in college, with the estimated earnings and the level of difficulty in achieving them

10. Online Coaching       

The most common way to earn money is to start online coaching, especially if you are good at certain subjects such as Biology, Mathematics, or any subject. This period is especially the best time to coach students and pass on the valuable knowledge you possess as many aspiring academics are starting to move towards online learning platforms. You can sign up on legit websites like MyPrivateTutor to become a coach.

How to start online coaching?

  • Sign up as a coach on reliable online platforms (MyPrivateTutor, TeachMe, GoLearn)
  • Set up a profile and list down your skills
  • Make sure that all the skills you listed are genuine
  • Ask for higher pay if you think you deserve more
  • Get referrals from experienced coachers (an advantage to attract more students)
  • Build your portfolio as you coach more students

An online coach can earn up to $75 per hour depending on your teaching experience and the complexity of the subject. Nowadays, online classes are the norm and anyone can easily teach a one-to-one class using Zoom or other video call applications. Technology sure is sweet so utilize it to its fullest! You can earn money without having to leave your house.

Pros & Cons

  • Get to stay safe at home
  • Arrange classes according to your own schedule
  • Pressure and expectations from students’ parents

9. Online Surveys (Swagbucks, MyPoints, LightSpeed Research, and 20/20 Research)

There are tons of websites on which online surveys can be done, such as the few mentioned above. It’s a great way for a particular company or organization to collect research data from consumers of their brand, and for us to earn a little side income. Companies nowadays are actively seeking feedback from consumers, so they are more than willing to pay anyone to participate in their online surveys. All you need is your phone and a stable internet connection to get the job done!

How to get online surveys?

  • Sign up on one or more of the websites mentioned above (before that make sure that it is a legitimate website first!)
  • Create your profile
  • Look for available surveys
  • Complete each survey you have chosen
  • Redeem rewards

By completing an online survey, you can easily earn between $1 to $5. Although it’s not much but every dollar counts! If you do a few surveys in a day, you can ear a pretty good amount. Surverys are quite easy to do but you need to make sure you complete every step of the survey or else you won’t earn anything. Keep a lookout for surveys every day and slowly earn money!

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to do in the comfort of your own home
  • NO extra charges (most websites)
  • Need to wait for new surveys to be generated
  • Slow & passive income

8. Sell Your Notes on Educitizen

Other than that, you can also choose to sell your pre-loved books here on Educitizen! We’re an easy-to-use academic marketplace where students can help each other by selling, re-selling, and buying a range of study materials such as textbooks, research publications, assignments, notes, and more! Students can easily filter their searchers according to the institution and find the books they need – it’s a cool feature that can save you time.

As a user here, you don’t need to personally meet the buyer, instead, your materials will be collected at your doorstep and shipped to the buyer for you. Isn’t that really convenient? You can avoid awkward situations and the hassle of having to set a date, time, and place to meet the buyer.

Why not lend a helping hand to students who need that book you might have for their course and earn some income while you’re at it! It’s a win-win for both parties! (It really sounds like the most perfect and easy way to earn some side cash)

How to start selling on Educitizen?

  • Register as a user: set up a buyer or seller account
  • Start listing your books
  • Chat with potential buyers for a smooth transaction
  • Income generated once you make a sale (cha-ching!)

Depending on the topic and the thickness of the book, you can sell your pre-loved books up to RM 50 and higher! New books normally cost more than that so it’s a good way for students to save some money and get a second-hand book instead. It’s a great way to give your books a new owner that will treasure and utilize the book to its fullest!

According to NichePursuits, the second-hand textbook market can generate between $5.5 billion and $8 billion based on a recent article. That is just mindblowing, that amount is insane! You could be a billionaire by just selling your pre-loved books! Of course, you would need a ton of books to be able to generate that amount of income but you never know if you haven’t started selling right? Try it out on EduCitizen today!

Watch How Bailey Chiu Made Easy Money By Selling His Notes!

Pros & Cons

  • Easy, convenient, and fast way to sell your pre-used books
  • No extra fees needed
  • Make way for new books on your shelves

7. Sell pre-loved clothes on Depop /

It’s time to spring clean your wardrobe and re-organize everything! Do it the Marie Kondo way (it’s just so good for the soul) and it’ll make your wardrobe much neater so that you won’t have to dig for your favorite top or skirt. If not it’ll be like a treasure hunt every time and trust me it won’t be a fun one! Empty your wardrobe and start categorising the clothes you want to keep and the ones that you want to let go of! It only takes a few hours and you’ll be done.

How to start selling your pre-loved clothes?

  • Download the Depop application from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store
  • Register as a user on Depop /
  • Key in your billing address and link your account to your Paypal for fast transactions
  • Take a photo of each clothing piece
  • Start listing!
  • Wait for buyers to message you
  • Easy income (cha-ching!)

You can sell each clothing piece cheaper than the retail price, after all, it’s second-hand. Unless you haven’t worn that clothing piece before you could try to sell it closer to the retail price. Anyone would be interested in a vintage Nike shoe or jacket that’s sold at a much cheaper price (who wouldn’t want to own something cool at a much affordable price? Well, I do!)

On Business Insider, the vice president of the marketplace at Depop, Rachel Swidenbank mentioned that sellers have earned as much as $300,000 in a year! Now that’s a crazy amount of money! Think of all the possibilities you could spend with that money or maybe even donate to a charity, after all it’s best to help others in need!

Pros & Cons

  • All you need is your phone and a stable internet connection
  • Easy to use website
  • Big competition
  • Time-consuming to list each clothing piece

6. Share content from

Ever heard of a website that pays you for sharing videos, movie trailers, concerts, product offers, contests & more? Well, you can try out today! By sharing content on your social media, you can generate income after your friends click on the link. You and your friends can easily enjoy rewards or maybe free movie tickets up to a few times a month! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to make money while still enjoying entertainment?

How to start sharing content from

  • Download the 8coin app from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store
  • Register as a user
  • Select content that might interest your friends
  • Share it on your social media platforms
  • Once your friend clicks into the link you have shared, you will start earning
  • Enjoy rewards while you make money!

With just a click of a few buttons, you can earn up to $1,000. For a survey, you normally earn between 5 to 8 coins per unique visit. A unique visit is when someone from within Malaysia clicks on the special link provided by 8coin. Every penny counts! The more friends that check out the content you shared, the more money you’ll make. Now go ahead and start earning!

Pros & Cons

  • Lots of daily content for you to share
  • Your phone and internet connection is important!
  • Time-consuming
  • Passive income

5. Flip domain names (GoDaddy)

Have you ever thought that flipping a domain name could help you make money? It’s a pretty controversial topic but it’s one of the ways to make an income. Web domains are normally traded on an open marketplace, unlike real estate. It’s the same concept as buying a house for cheap and selling it at a higher price. A domain name is a unique string of characters used to direct people to a website.

How to start flipping domain names?

  • Start by searching for a domain name
  • Evaluate the domain based on its length, brand-ability, relevance, and search friendliness
  • Register the domain
  • Search for a buyer (that’s willing to pay more, the higher the better)
  • Sell the domain
  • Cha-ching & continue flipping more domains to get more experience

Normally $10 is invested to start flipping domains. According to GoDaddy, it is ideal to start with a budget of a few hundred when you buy your first domain name. When buying a domain, you could look for ones that isn’t getting much attention – this would mean “capitalizing on the early days of a new product or concept, or trying to get a domain when its original registry expires”. It’s like the “early bird gets the worm” kind of concept. There’s a possibility of earning millions of dollars depending on your luck and your judgement in selecting good domain names. It’s a pretty good job you could try out yourselves, maybe luck will be on your side!

Pros & Cons

  • You need the internet (which is common in most households)
  • Some time to pick the best domain of your choice
  • Need more experience with flipping domain names

4. Airbnb Online Experiences

You may wonder is an Airbnb online experience? It’s when locals hold engaging activities that are different compared to a typical tour or class. You can host them for anyone, from anywhere around the world. Activities such as tarot reading (a look into your future wow), cooking shows, health-focused classes (yoga/meditation), and many more. There are a lot of experiences that you can host and share with others.

How to start sharing hosting an online AirBnb experience?

  • Register as an Airbnb host
  • You can choose your location to show where you are based in
  • Once everything is approved, you can start hosting
  • Share experiences that can only be experienced in your country (unique ones will generate more income)
  • For more information, check this link out!

An online Airbnb experience host can charge guests up to $60 per person for a live experience. Each session can be up to 100 people, depending on your preference. Why not start with 5 people and work your way up? You can easily earn $600 in just an hour and at the same time engaging with people from different parts of the world!

According to Forbes, since Airbnb’s Online Experiences launched on the platform, some hosts have hit the jackpot by generating over $20,000! One particularly charismatic Airbnb host and “her” friends have ranked in $150,000 in a month. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal? It’s like exploring another country through the world of the Internet!

Pros & Cons

  • Work comfortably in your own space
  • You get to engage with people around the world (expand your horizons & world views!)
  • Require good communication skills that can hold people’s attention

3. Drop Ship Popular Products from TaoBao and start a shopify business

In this era, drop shipping from TaoBao is the norm, if you know how to read Mandarin, you get awarded extra brownie points because everything on TaoBao is listed in Mandarin! For the non-Mandarin speakers, you can still make use of the platform by clicking on the auto-translate button by Google Translate, which usually appears at the top of the site. Choose the items you wish to sell or accept requests from customers that wish to purchase a specific item on TaoBao. This is a pretty booming business as of late and given its versatility, almost everyone I know are into drop-shipping. However, this would require persistence and hard work as you have to be super active on whichever social media account you are promoting your business at, to retain trust amongst your customers and to attract new customers.

How to start drop shipping?

  • Either start your own business / look out for a businesses that accept drop shippers
  • Other businesses might require you to pay a fee to be a drop shipper
  • Make a business account on Instagram (you can easily track business insights!)
  • Post aesthetically pleasing content on Instagram (avoid copyrights by taking the pictures yourself or visiting Pexels!)
  • Make sure you post consistently
  • Engage with your followers

A drop ship business selling Taobao products can get pretty overwhelming as there are tons of items you can sell from the app. Normally, people would drop ship clothes or cosmetics from China because that’s what girls (disclaimer, not all girls) can’t get enough of (take all my money!). With just a piece of clothing, you can earn between $2 to $5 depending on how much you market the price – Normally known as a drop ship or handling fee. However, the competition is high in this business so don’t be surprised when you see other accounts of Instagram selling almost the same items. For more information check out : Taobao Dropshipping

Pro & Cons

  • All you need is your phone & a stable internet connection
  • Able to work anywhere and whenever
  • High competition
  • Time-consuming (you need time to build your brand to get noticed!)

2. Freelancing (Upwork, Fiverr, Find a Southeast Asian freelance website for a wider reach)

If you want a more stable income, you could try freelancing. There are many freelance jobs out there in the market that includes being a writer, video editor, graphic designer, and many more. Nowadays, lots of companies employ freelancers to help out the company as work can be done faster with a few more pairs of hands! That’s because efficiency is important in making sure all the projects in the company are running smoothly or as planned.

How to start doing freelance jobs?

  • Register on a legitimate website
  • Make sure to list your best skills (be honest about it!)
  • Share your portfolio in your profile (if you have one, clients can preview your past work before contacting you)
  • Choose your clients wisely and ask for a higher pay if you think you deserve it

A part-time freelance writer can easily earn up tp $60 for an article. That’s a pretty good sum for a student! The experience can also be a plus in your CV or resume when you hunt for a full-time job in the future. Gaining experience through a freelance job allows future employers to consider you more desirable in that field of knowledge which means you have a higher employability rate! It’s like killing two birds with one stone! Utilize your skills and improve them to the fullest! (An employee does value extra experience, trust me I’ve been there!)

Pros & Cons

  • Being able to work at home
  • Gain more experience and improve your skills
  • Working for long hours
  • Require a strong mentality
  • Time management is key

1. A) Become an affiliate marketer through social media (how to grow your network)

When it comes to marketing a brand or product, companies would hire social media influencers to do the job because they have a big fan base/followers online. That’s how a brand’s exposure can be increased and this is also known as Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing. If you have more than 1k followers on your social media platforms, you could consider becoming an affiliate marketer. Of course, it’s best to choose a brand that has the same views and principles as you because your followers may easily be influenced by you.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

  • Create a social media account (Instagram preferably) and a website (optional but highly recommended) if you haven’t yet
  • Select a topic that you associate with deeply, but you are unable to find an account/blog that resonates with the message thoroughly
  • Slowly gain followers
  • Produce engaging content
  • Post consistently
  • Wait for brands to reach out to you/ pro-actively email brands for a possible collaboration

The amount of money you can earn depends on the brand that you work with. You can earn up to $25 for just a simple post and if it’s a bigger campaign that runs for a longer period of time, it may reach up to thousands of Malaysian ringgit. That’s how much influencers are earning these days but it’s not the same for everyone. It depends on your target audience and how active you are on social media.

Pros & Cons

  • Get a lot of free and latest products from your favorite brands
  • Opportunity to attend the opening of events
  • Being the center of attention
  • Possibility of receiving critics from followers (ignore the haters, just do you!)

B) Become an affiliate marketer by starting a blog (register via ShareASale and Google Adsense)

Blogging has been popular ever since the early 2000s, people usually blog about fashion, food and lifestyle. Bloggers usually spend a lot of time to manage their blog, making sure that readers/followers continue to follow them because getting traffic on their blog is important for a fellow blogger. Even though blogs aren’t as popular compared to a decade ago but it still holds its own value.

How to start blogging?

  • Create your own website using Weebly
  • Register an account
  • Start choosing templates that would attract followers
  • Once you start blogging, keep posting
  • Share your blog on all social media platforms
  • After your blog gains a certain number of followers, brands will reach out to you
  • You could also message brands for a collaboration
  • Every click into the affiliate links/purchased made by your followers will generate income

According to Scaleo, Anil Agarwal who works for Blogger Passion managed to make $200k in sales using only one affiliate marketing product! That’s only one, just imagine a number of affiliate links on your blog, you can earn quite a lot! Why not start blogging today and share your experiences with your target audience? It could be about fashion, makeup or even food!

Pros & Cons

  • Preferably a laptop (bigger screen=better blogging experience)
  • work from anywhere and whenever you can
  • Gain lots of internet traffic to your blog
  • Time-consuming & need lots of effort to maintain a blog

C) Register as an affiliate on our site “EduCitizen” (10% when someone makes a purchase and RM 1 when someone lists 2 products on the site)

Why not join our own site’s affiliate program? You can get 10% of the profit once someone makes a purchase and RM 1 whenever someone lists 2 products on the site. What a great way to earn money while helping to promote the site on your social media accounts!

How to join the affiliate program on “EduCitizen”?

  • Register as a user on EduCitizen
  • Read through the terms & condition
  • Start earning through the unique link that you shared with your friends/followers on social media

By joining EduCitizen’s affiliate program, whenever someone makes a purchase, you get 10% of it and RM 1 when someone lists 2 products on the site. The more frequent you share the site with others, the more you will earn as the users on the site increases. It’s a pretty simple way to earn some cash! Plus, you are also helping other students out there who need books for their specific course.

Pros & Cons

  • You only need to share about EduCitizen on your social media
  • Earn from the comfort of your home
  • Easy and quick

A friendly parting note

It doesn’t have to be one of the 10 ways mentioned above, as long as you are earning through a reliable source, then everything is good! I hope everyone can stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. Do keep it mind that the most important thing as of the moment is your health, so stay safe and stay home!

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