Improve Your Personal Finance With These 6 Southeast Asian Bloggers


For many of us, it has become an all-consuming thought whether you’re drowning in student debt or unsure how you will pay rent for the next month. Whatever your position is in life, there is no denying the importance of managing your personal finance. So, without further ado, here are six finance bloggers who may teach you a thing or two about managing your money! Read on till the very end for some money-making tips using our services here on Educitizen as well:

6. Cash Fasting

Cash Fasting is written by Jane (last name unshared) and was started in 2016. She managed to pay off more than $30K in debt over three years while living in New York City, only one of the most expensive cities in the world. On her blog, she discusses her journey to becoming debt-free along with other tips and tricks to help make personal finance easier to manage.

5. Dirt Cheap Wealth by Shivika

Maintained by Shivika Arora, an Indian-born American, Dirt Cheap Wealth shares “unconventional, non-BS” information for those interested in personal finance. Shivika strongly believes that anyone can become a wealth creator with discipline and the right mindset. Easily accessible and, frankly, quite entertaining, Dirt Cheap Wealth is certainly a blog worth checking out.

4. Centsible Indian by Pratheeba

Centsible Indian is written by Indian-born American Pratheeba. Aside from the glorious pun in the blog title (we all love a good pun!), Pratheeba posts about a variety of topics ranging from family finance and budgeting to lifestyle and meal prepping. If you’re looking to follow someone who posts about more than just personal finance, Centsible Indian is the blog for you!

3. Filling the Pig by Kevin

Filling the Pig is a blog written by Kevin. In addition to publishing numerous ebooks (all of which are available on his website), Kevin has written numerous articles on maintaining your personal finance in the most effective way possible. He offers a “unique perspective on money” with his years of experience being in debt, debt-free, managing several businesses, and even being audited by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service – in the USA) at one point.

2. Earn More Live Freely by Gladice Gong

Earn More Live Freely is written by Gladice Gong. She had worked in the financial industry for several years before she lost her job. By starting her own business online and investing in the stock market, Gladice managed to pay off her loans and now lives comfortably with her family. Earn More Live Freely is the perfect resource for absolute novices interested in stock markets and making an income online.

1. Future Proof, M.D.

Future Proof, M.D. is written by a vascular and interventional radiologist with an interest in personal finance. While going through medical school, the author (anonymous) realized there was a lack of knowledge amongst medical students about money management. This spawned the creation of the blog. While aimed at medical professionals, Future Proof, M.D. offers nuggets of wisdom about finance which are relevant to everyone.

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