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Being a small and new software as a service (SaaS) company is tough. You’re often underpaid, undervalued, and underestimated for your products and services. It is even worse when you are a bootstrapped company, which means you are without external assistance in financing your company. However, bootstrapped newcomers can succeed quite well with the right marketing. Just look at Dropbox. They were a small company founded by two students, and today one of the largest SaaS in Cloud Storage and according to Business Insider one of the most valuable startups!

So, how does a newcomer get to that level? It is marketing! Launching a new software or product can be intimidating but with the right marketing strategies, you can aspire to higher heights of success. Here is a guide for our tips on the best marketing strategies for a successful digital product launch.

A short and unique brand name

It may be tempting to name your product after yourself or to follow more traditional naming methods such as descriptive brand naming. However, evocative and invented brand names prove quite successful in SaaS companies. An evocative brand name is a name or title that invokes suggestive or metaphorical feelings in the reader or clientele. By using an evocative name, your digital product leaves room for further interpretation. It can also tell a bigger story for your digital product.

Another quite successful naming strategy is invented names. It is what it sounds, you come up with a whole new word. This is beneficial as it gives way to unique and catchy marketing. Essentially, your digital product will give meaning to this new word. This may be challenging for many as it is not easy to concoct something that isn’t already in the dictionary. Nevertheless, many companies that employ this technique often derive their names from ancient languages, Latin, Greek, or Germanic languages.

Free Accounts

Giving free stuff away sounds like a bad deal for your company, especially if you are a start-up. Even so, giving free accounts is one of the most surefire ways to gain a bunch of new clientele. The struggle with SaaS companies is that your product is not physical. Clients can’t see its quality by holding it and looking it over. Based on this, your company needs to find a way to provide that same feeling. 

Most SaaS companies offer free trials, for about 7 days up to a month. While this can be a very good way to go, smaller companies sometimes have to go the extra mile. Fully free accounts are exactly that. A good idea is to set the number of free accounts to give out. Some companies can benefit from using the giveaway as a marketing stunt. For example, a lucky draw for a few free accounts or a giveaway based on the number of shares and likes. This is even a good opportunity for you to gain emails to begin your mass email marketing, even if the customer decides to not continue with the account. Whatever the method, free accounts are always a good way to prove the value of your product to the market. 

Feedback and Giveback

Often enough, the common mistake of SaaS companies is not being responsive enough. Your company will often ask for feedback from your clients, be it through a rating style or email. However, how often do you reply back?

As a small SaaS company, one needs to put their image out there, and a good image is an approachable one. One way to start is by having an Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page for your product. Once you do, redirect your clients to place their feedback and reviews there, and respond! Reply as a human, not like a bot so it feels more sincere. This not only makes you seem approachable and responsive but a brand that people can rely on. This can also benefit you as you can improve on your software based on the reviews.

We often see those tweets that blew up on Netflix replying to someone’s crazy review. You need that same kind of publicity and momentum. Now, don’t be aggressive and petty to each rude comment. However, be as witty and creative with your responses while staying on topic. While it is likely you will receive a lot of spam, don’t let that get you down!

In all, remember your company is just starting out! There will be bumps, falls and losses. This is inevitable but so is your success. With the right marketing skills and product development, you are bound to prosperous

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